How to gain Weight?

So you are too thin and want to gain weight? There are some things you can do that will put you on weight fast!

1- Eat more calories.
Remember the Law of energie balance ? So you have to eat more than your body need. Start counting the calories that you consume during a normal day and then add 500 cal and try eat more 500 calories day during 2 weeks, if you dont see results add more 500 cal and try it 2 more weeks. Always prefere good foods, dont eat junkie.

2-Start Lifting
If you start consuming more than your body spends, you'll become fat and you want to gain weight from lean mass! You need to lift weights 3-4 times a week, preferably a strength training(like this), focus on strength because size will follow. If you are getting stronger and stronger I can assure that you are gaining weight.

3- Eat Healthier
Cut the bad fat always go for "good fats".Yes you want to gain weight, but you don't want to gain weight in form of fat. Cut out the candys and the McDonalds food!


Anonymous said...

Is most easier gain or lose weight?

Tó Rock said...

It depends, for me its easier to gain but I've have a friend that thinks gain weight is almost impossible!
And it depends if the weight is muscle or fat!

Phill said...

I went to a gym and I am following this!

Dany said...

For me is hard to lose weight not to gain!

Bernhard said...

I had a bad time trying to gain weigth!

DAR - MAR said...

I dont neet to lose waight bat it,s great for people who need tis , nice bro!

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