Why women should lift weights?

A lot of women don't want to do weight lifting because they think they will become like this :

well i'm sorry to disappoint you but that is not (naturally ) possible. All women should lift weight for this reasons:

1- you will become physically stronger.

2- you will burn more calories so your levels of body fat will stay low.
3- you will gain strength without bulk, unlike men, women dont gain size with strength training because they have 30 times less hormones.

4- You will reduce your osteoporosis and other diseases(diabetes, heart attack) risk.

5- You will improve your attitude and fight depression.

6- and last but not least:

you will become like this:


Anonymous said...

uhhh that first lady >0

Danny said...

I thought that if i went to the gym and lift weights I would increase my size a lot. Thanks!

Bernhard said...

i will tell my girlfriend to read this!

Tó Rock said...

lol show her :)

Anonymous said...

ahahah scary first pic, i dont wanna look like her.

obat aborsi said...

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